Tom Boustead Memorial Award

Each club/league, club, team, or individual member, in good standing, may submit their nominees in the three-(3) existing categories:

                                    Mini Soccer

                                    Youth Soccer

                                    Adult Soccer

One (1) page or less – description of activities and outstanding qualities of the nominee.  This must be submitted by each club/league, club, team, or individual for their one (1) submission to the SRSA.

A committee may be struck by the SRSA to make the final decision from the submissions received by September 30th of each year.  This gives the committee time to make their decision, have the awards updated, and to have the recipients attend the AGM.  A keeper plaque will be awarded to the recipients.

Criteria for Outstanding Sportsperson of the Year


Involvement with team, clubs, or league.

Outstanding time given to soccer.


Organizational skills.

Positions held, if applicable.

Benefit to soccer.

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