Frequently asked questions
Q. How many cautions equals a game suspension?
A. Three

Q. So in one game 3 cautions equals a game ?
A. No, Only two cautions in one game equals one game

Q. What is Discipline by review?
A. Discipline by review is a discipline meeting without the accused (minor things only), No appeals permitted

Q. What is a discipline meeting by hearing?
A. More serious offences have full meeting wit full scale of People including the accused.(Appeals permitted)

Q. How do I learn more about discipline?
A. Certified Clinic March 8th 2015, call Leo 705 222 5293

Q. Do we need certified People on our discipline committee?
A. Yes by the outdoor season in 2015, all discipline committees will require a minimum of 1 Certified members

Q. Can we get some help until then?
A. Yes just contact Leo Bisson 705 222 5293

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